ReGrade: Release with Confidence Using the Leading NCAST Solution

Network Comparison Application Security Testing (NCAST) finds problems before you release.

Our unique way of implicit testing to find known and unknown application issues measurably improves product quality, security, and time to market.

Catch defects and configuration issues that traditional tests miss

Experience 8-10X productivity gain for Developer and QA teams

Detect supply chain security issues

Pinpoint and fix nefarious and complicated bugs

Eliminate disruptive rollbacks

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Shift left and right continuously
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Patented comparison technology finds bugs in upgrades before release

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Up to 100% User Traffic
Zero User Harm

Curtail's Advantages

Preview Changes to Prevent Costly Rollbacks

Use real production traffic to test the quality of software upgrades and patches.  Enable regression testing in development, QA, and production.

Software Flaws

  • Behavioral changes
  • Environment misconfigurations
  • Platform inconsistencies
  • Undocumented API updates
  • 3rd Party integration changes
  • Performance degradations

Behavior Observability

ReGrade systematically captures where flaws occur and provides a map of actionable information so that the developer can recreate and fix the issue using packet capture playback.  

Shorten DevOps

By finding bugs and providing actionable intelligence to triage and fix issues, ReGrade helps DevOps teams release more quickly and with higher quality.  It is a critical component of a CI/CD pipeline.

Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

Zero-Day attacks target software flaws that are not yet known to the developer. ReGrade finds such flaws before hackers.

Save Time
And Money

Downtime can cost as much as $500k an hour and intense customer dissatisfaction.  ReGrade helps preview how new software will work, therefore measurably reducing downtime risk.

Curtail integrates into your existing technology stack

ReGrade comes packaged as either a Docker image or a VM package, allowing it to be deployed with minimal effort into any environment (Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, Oracle Virtual Box, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Elastic Container Service and EC2, VMWare, and others).

Test Early. Test Always.

Shift Left and Right Continuously

Curtail DevSecOps Solution Portfolio


Curtail ReGrade uses patented, comparison-based live traffic analysis to ensure quality, performance, and security while supporting today’s accelerated development cycles.


Curtail ReCover proactively detects anomalies, including zero-day attacks, and automatically diverts traffic to clean, resilient systems to quickly, safely and reliably maintain business operations at all times.