More Green Less Red in Your K8s

Move faster and break fewer microservices in your CI/CD pipeline

Kubernetes and microservices are the best way to develop, deploy, and rapidly update your new applications, but don’t let blue/green/red spaghetti code and superficial QA testing ruin the day… ReGrade’s cloud-native architecture fits seamlessly into your existing environment and will automatically catch unexpected bugs and deviations in all of your distributed APIs being rolled forwards, and backwards and upside down when least expected!

Rapid Cloud Native Automatic Testing

Testing automation using old tools is not cloud native!  Especially when monoliths are being replaced with nimble microservices and RESTful APIs going at 100 mph.  Curtail is architected cloud-natively to help you keep your foot on the DevOps accelerator.

Shadow Deployments >>Blue + Green + Red

Rolling updates and continuous integrations are great, except when something breaks every hour.  Curtail helps you combine blue/green deployments and avoid flashing red lights across your operation team’s dashboards. 

Distributed and Decentralized Workflows

Smaller teams of asynchronous development sprints mean you’re going to need more fine-grained anomaly detection.  Curtail compares your API behavior to discover unexpected deviations that might mean unhappy customers and flashing red dashboards.

OKR's (Objectives and Key Results) for Your Apps and API's

Yay for Git*, for modernizing your architectures, and adopting noSQL databases…but what is going to help you ensure all of the new components work together?  Curtail works with your new apps and your older ‘legacy” systems and gives you visibility where you’re otherwise flying blind.