Save Time and Money

Measurably Improve Savings Through Software Quality, Time-to-Market, and Security

Availability, quality, and security are all foundational to keeping your business up and running while delighting demanding customers and outpacing the competition and would be disruptors.

Curtail ReGrade saves money and time, while improving consumer confidence by preventing costly rollbacks, quantifiably improving quality, and reducing risk while preserving brand image.

  • Increase the speed of finding regressions and fixing them by at least 3X
  • Prevent rollbacks, which cost on average $500k to $1m an hour for critical applications
  • Detect and resolve zero-day bugs like Cloudbleed in minutes versus months

Curtail ReGrade dramatically reduces failures from software changes without rollbacks

  • Reduce defect remediation costs by up to 640x prior to release
  • Improve software release efficiency up to 70%
  • Reduce 90% of security incidents resulting from development introduced exploits

DevOps and agile development lead to faster releases but focusing on speed alone can lead to poor customer experiences and significant reworking of defects that are still largely manual efforts and extremely time intensive.  These efforts can negate gains from automation.  Associated costs for fixes closer to release orafter release add up quickly and can be up to 640x more in expense.

Continuous Delivery must be measured in business impact, ie: dollars and cents. Quality software products delivered safely and on time improve both the top line revenue and bottom-line operational savings through efficiency.  Our clients tell us they experience up to 70% more efficiency in software release because ReGrade addresses both going fast safely and by previewing release behaviors, preventing those defects from going into production.

“ReGrade has helped us find and remediate bugs about five times faster. This has meant real savings and I’d estimate a 70% improvement in efficiency.”