DevOps + CI/CD

Curtail ReGrade enables teams to shift both left and right at the same time.  Even early in development, teams can start comparing the behavior of each release candidate to the previous one. And, in post-production environments, ReGrade’s comparison tools can continue to find unexpected defects.

Next-Gen Shadowing

A major improvement over typical shadow, blue/green, and canary testing, ReGrade provides the most accurate possible validation of updates to network software without risking a single bad client experience.  Playing 100% of the real traffic to both versions easily and automatically identifies flaws and their causes pre-release to substantially improve quality, security, and efficiency in CI/CD environments.

K8s / Microservices

Kubernetes and microservices are the best way to develop, deploy, and rapidly update your new applications, but don’t let blue/green/red spaghetti code and superficial QA testing ruin the day… ReGrade’s cloud-native architecture fits seamlessly into your existing environment and will automatically catch unexpected bugs and deviations in all of your distributed APIs being rolled forwards, and backwards and upside down when least expected!

Security / DevSecOps

While traditional testing methods are based on simulated or scripted discrete requests and responses , ReGrade’s unique holistic approach identifies “zero-day” defects or previously unknown, uncategorized defects and bugs. ReGrade is a unique solution that can find zero-day vulnerabilities both before software code is released and after it is running.